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SWIS New Club Building Opportunity

Your club was built years ago by another optimist who had contacts in your area and wanted to extend the opportunity to the youth in your community.  We all know someone in other areas where a club could be started to service another group of youth.  

If your interested in working with others, this could be an opportunity for you to share your Optimism with others.

New Club Building Opportunity:
 Optimists can extend their commitment to young people by starting New Clubs. Through a New Club, they bring together a new group of volunteers who focus on youth development and help improve an entire community. Optimists also benefit from the New Club process, which sharpens leadership skills, increases fellowship and strengthens personal development. 

People join for the good feeling they receive from helping a young person succeed. Following are different types of clubs:

Traditional Club - A traditional Optimist Club conducts a number of exciting, youth-oriented events and promotions each year. The Club meets on a regular basis at a fixed location.

Sports Club – A Sports Club is built with the primary goal to serve youth through athletics, be it baseball, football, golf, tennis, basketball, soccer or hockey. 

Non-Traditional Club – The Non-Traditional Club is built around a single focus or a single event during the year. This Club has officers and they meet via electronic newsletters and e-mails. Members may not all be located in the same community.

For more information and a step-by-step process on New Club Building:  click here.


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