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Gary Engelke
SWIS Governor 2017-2018
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A Message from this Governor

Insight into the vision, objectives and lessons from our District leadership.

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SWIS Governor 2017-2018
Slogan: "Dream, Inspire, Grow"

DREAM, INSPIRE, GROW! Habits are formed by doing something over and over and over. Some habits are good, others, not so much! When it comes to being an Optimist, the habits we instill in our youth, will make them the leaders of tomorrow!

Governor's Update

A Message from Our Governor

 Gary Engelke

Slogan:  “Dig It”

Dream:  My initial message was to build on the Dreams of our youth by building our Junior Optimist Clubs.  We have taken steps to do just that.  There was a request to update contact information for our Junior Optimist Clubs and we have put a plan in motion.  The ‘dream’ is to improve communication between the Junior Optimist Clubs, giving them an opportunity to share ideas, learn from each other, hopefully grow their membership and just maybe, host a semi-annual conference, with the help of Advisors and adult club Presidents.  We owe it to our Junior Optimists the networking opportunity that we realize within our clubs.  We also have interest in a new Junior Optimist Club that will be further acted upon now that the holidays are in the past.


Inspire:  One can only inspire themselves!    You can admire another person and ‘wish’ you were like them, had their career, their lifestyle, whatever it might be; however, you are the only one that can change yourself!  You might ask yourself, “What have I done to inspire myself to be a better Optimist member for my club”?  Our clubs need each and every member.  Our clubs need every members support.  Our clubs need each member to sponsor a new member.  Make a difference in 2018 to attend your club meetings, invite a potential new member to a meeting or social event, attend a quarterly conference, and bring excitement and enthusiasm to your clubs and membership.  Let your communities know you are ‘here to make a difference’ and you want them to join you in your efforts.  


Grow:  Growth is essential to survival, regardless of what the endeavor.  I had stated my focus was to encourage clubs to grow their membership and my personal goal to build no less than 3 new clubs in our SWIS District.  Here we are at the end of our first quarter and we stand at plus 12 in membership.  It is my pleasure to also share that we did build one new club, Sussex-Lisbon-Lannon-Butler in Zone 1, starting with an impressive 45 members.  Our number of clubs remains at 54 as we also disbanded a College Club in Zone 6; however, with a new one on the horizon as students return from their semester break.  My challenge continues, and with your help, the challenge will become a reality. 

Continue the good you do for your clubs, your communities and our youth.  Thank you as we continue to DREAM, INSPIRE and GROW and Help Create a Better Tomorrow for our Youth. 

 Happy 2018

Gary Engelke,  SWIS Governor 2017 - 2018

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