What is an Optimist?

What is an Optimist?

We Are Hopeful and Confident About the Future

Life experiences create ways of thinking and ways of seeing things.  Optimism is an ‘attitude’ characterized by ‘hope’. Optimists expect things to ‘turn out well’ because they believe they have the ‘skill and ability’ to make ‘good things happen’.  

  • What are some Signs that you tend to be 'Optimistic'?  

         • You feel that good things will happen, in the face of life’s challenges, for a brighter ‘hopeful’ future 
         • You feel that you are someone who can give of your time and talent for the benefit of others
         • You feel that you could be of service to kids and others in your community

  • Signs of Optimistic

  • benefits of optimistic

  • What are some of the Benefits of being ‘Optimistic’?

         • Optimists have a more positive mood, emotions and better relationships
         • Optimists have more vitality, and higher self-regard
         • Optimists have better health, better performance and fewer negative emotions
         • Optimists report being happier in life

Do you have the ‘skill and ability’ to make good things ‘successful’ for others as you are about your own?  

If you do, consider sharing your talents and attitudes with your community through a local Optimist Club.