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Jo'El Pearlman
SWIS Governor 2022 - 2023
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A Message from this Governor

Insight into the vision, objectives and lessons from our District leadership.

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SWIS Governor 2017-2018
Slogan: "Dream, Inspire, Grow"

DREAM, INSPIRE, GROW! Most recently I pondered these three words I adopted as my theme back in September, 2017. I asked myself, how do they interrelate? I now know my story, and they will become a part of my life going forward. I invite you to use them also. CLUB: Platteville, WI.

Governor's Update

A Message from Our Governor

Gary Engelke

Slogan:  “Dig It”


Greetings Fellow Optimists –

As you read this, I will have a short couple months to serve as your Governor.  Coming in as your Governor I established a goal of building three clubs during my term.  I’m two-thirds complete and currently have a meeting with community members for that third club.  It has been a pleasure building and adding two new clubs within the SWIS District, meeting new people, making new friends and the ultimate, reaching more children in the SWIS District.  In addition to these two clubs, we also successfully built a JOI Club, starting with 18 members.  

That brings me to ask “What have you done to build your club membership?”  Have you tried?  The continued success of the SWIS District and Optimists in general, depends on members reaching out to potential new members.  Think back, someone asked you to join them at a meeting, share the experience and invite someone to join you. 

These past 10 months have been a ‘Dream’, beyond my wildest imagination that I would serve as Governor of the SWIS District.  Without ‘dreams’ one can become stagnant, motionless, lose touch with the future.  Our ‘Kids’ reach their potential by dreaming.  We need to do the same!  ‘Inspire’…I hope in some small way I have inspired each and every one of you.  I know that is asking a lot.  I’m no different that you or you or you.  In our busy, busy lives, some things slip through the cracks.  However; if I have inspired just one person, I’ve made a difference.  ‘Grow’…oh I have grown!  I have grown to deeper appreciate that which Optimist International and the SWIS District does for our youth.  I’m proud to say I make a positive impact in the lives of youth and my community each and every day.  

Going back to September, 2017, I asked myself, “What have I gotten myself into?” taking on the position of SWIS Governor.  How time flies…I am now preparing to turn the ‘Chair’ and the ‘Gavel’ over to Governor Elect, Maureen Crombie, who I am confident, will do an outstanding job for our district.  

Thank you for what you have done and doing that which still lies ahead of us.  Champion your Legacy! 

Optimistically, Gary Engelke, Governor 2017-2018 

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