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Diane L. Matuszak
SWIS Governor 2023 -2024
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Past, Current and Future Governors

Past, Current and Future Governors of the SWIS District

The SWIS District is grateful to the following individuals who have given their time and guidance to support our organization over the years through their service as Past, Current, or Future District Governor.

Current Governor

SWIS Governor 2023 -2024
DIANE L. MATUSZAK    Read Full Governor's Message...

Using a combination of snippets from our past governors successful themes, is what inspires the 2023-2024 theme of Community Optimism. Familiar words, such as imagine the opportunity that the power of one has, to prove that optimism is critical for the worlds future, that Optimists inspire awesomeness as a way of bringing out the best in kids. I am honored to have been elected Governor of the SWIS District of Wisconsin. With my career in law enforcement and our dedication to Optimism, together, lets set our sights on RESPECT FOR LAW, have fun talking about SWIS DISTRICTS 30 YEARS and perfect for our COMMUNITY OPTIMISM.

Past Governors

SWIS Governor 2022 - 2023
JO'EL PEARLMAN    Read Full Governor's Message...

Our Theme this year is "All Roads Lead to Optimism". (Invite a Friend and Enjoy the Ride! will be used in much of the conversation to encourage our Optimist family to Just Invite a friend, neighbor, family member and colleague!). Be a Superhero for kids, will be another tag line specifically for our Optimist programs. Be a superhero for kids by sponsoring some or all of the many programs Optimists have available for youth-Tri-Star, Jr. Golf, Essay, Oratorical, CCDHH scholarships, Art, Music, Childhood Health and Wellness, and so much more!

SWIS Governor 2021-2022
JOHN FONS    Read Full Governor's Message...
Slogan: "PROVE IT"

Once as a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, a noted professor remarked, "So now you're a Master of Theology. Who are you trying to kid?" Now as Governor of the Optimist SWIS District of Southern Wisconsin the question remains the same. Without you, without the individual members and without the clubs to which you belong as Optimists, I am nothing. I will do my best to encourage, challenge and remind each of you of the opportunities and responsibilities we have as Optimists. We are all volunteers. We don't get paid. We actually pay for the privilege of serving others and especially the Youth. We got a bargain. Thank you for the title of Governor. The SWIS District slogan I give to you I first apply to myself. Prove It.

SWIS Governor 2019 - 2020
CHRISTINE DIECKHOFF    Read Full Governor's Message...
Slogan: "Imagine: Serving children in a changing world"

State of the District: As I looked back at the goals I have written for the SWIS District, I was pleased to see we are working toward meeting those goals quite well! Our 1st quarter conference was fun and friendly and focused on club members having time to share their thoughts and ideas to improve membership and how to support and participate in the oratorical contest. We also met and heard from our Vice President of the Great Plains region, Lyle Merriam. Good food, special awards and meeting the -turning over a new leaf- challenge, way too much fun on that one, rounded out the day! A challenge was issued to the clubs to develop a new children service project, with the sum of $500 going to the winning club that sends their best new project to me by July 31,2020!

SWIS Governor 2020-2021
MAXINE LANE    Read Full Governor's Message...

I am starting to count the months, weeks and days. What a ride I have experienced. I can best describe my feelings as bittersweet. Having gone from being extremely nervous and questioning what I got myself into to where I am now, concluding a most interesting, gratifying and enjoyable year. Have I completed everything I wanted to or had planned? I can honestly say no; however, I have a couple months to go and so far, I look back on my year as having been successful and one that I will forever remember.

SWIS Governor 2018-2019
MAUREEN CROMBIE    Read Full Governor's Message...
Slogan: "Make Awesomeness Happen"

This is a very exciting year for Optimist Members. We will be celebrating our Centennial year this year. I am honored and thrilled to serve as your Governor for the 2018-2019 Optimist years. Our Centennial Theme is 'Bringing out the Best Into the next Century"!

SWIS Governor 2017-2018
GARY ENGELKE    Read Full Governor's Message...
Slogan: "Dream, Inspire, Grow"

DREAM, INSPIRE, GROW! Most recently I pondered these three words I adopted as my theme back in September, 2017. I asked myself, how do they interrelate? I now know my story, and they will become a part of my life going forward. I invite you to use them also. CLUB: Platteville, WI.

SWIS Governor 2016-2017
JOSHUA ZAIDEL    Read Full Governor's Message...
Slogan: "Turning Walls Into Bridges"

Welcome to the SWIS District website. It is an honor to be selected as Governor for the SWIS District for the 2016-2017 Optimist year. In keeping with the Optimist International theme, Optimists will be Turning Walls into Bridges.

SWIS Governor 2015-2016
HOWARD CROFOOT (HD)    Read Full Governor's Message...
Slogan: "Bringing out the Best in Kids, in their Communities and in Themselves"

Welcome to the SWIS District website. It is an honor to be selected as Governor for the SWIS District for the 2015-2016 Optimist year. In keeping with the Optimist International theme, Optimists bring out the best in kids, in their communities and in themselves.

SWIS Governor 2014-2015
JEFF KUCHENBECKER    Read Full Governor's Message...
Slogan: "Bringing out the Best In Everyone"

Welcome to the SWIS District website. It's my pleasure to be the Governor of the SWIS District for the 2014 – 2015 Optimist year. This year our theme is "Bringing Out the Best in Everyone". I truly believe that everyone benefits from having an Optimist Club in their community.

SWIS Governor 2013-2014
Slogan: "For the Future Invest in Youth"


SWIS Governor 2012-2013
Slogan: "Standing TALL For Kids"


SWIS Governor 2011-2012
Slogan: "Moving FORWARD With Kids"

I wish to inspire you to set your goals high for even greater service to youth, your community, your club, and the Optimist organization. By your attitude, example, and actions we can ‘Move Forward” as individuals for the next generation. Our legacy will be the guidance, leadership, advice, love, empowerment, and patience that we show for those we serve.

SWIS Governor 2010-2011
Slogan: "Unlimited Possibilities Power UP For Youth"


SWIS Governor 2009-2010
Slogan: "Personal Responsibility in Daily Effort"


SWIS Governor 2008-2009
Slogan: "Sharing Forward"


SWIS Governor 2007-2008
Slogan: "Children with Cancer Courage Books"


SWIS Governor 2006-2007
Slogan: "Promise Yourself...For the Kids"


SWIS Governor 2005-2006
Slogan: "Promise Yourself...For the Kids"


SWIS Governor 2004-2005
Slogan: "In Tune with Kids"


SWIS Governor 2003-2004, International VP 2009-2010
Slogan: "SWIS 4 Kids"


SWIS Governor 2002-2003
Slogan: "Kids...Building Block of the Future"


SWIS Governor 2001-2002
Slogan: "Optimism It Does a Kid Good"


SWIS Governor 2000-2001
Slogan: "Optimists Kids...Joined at the Heart"


SWIS Governor 1999-2000
Slogan: "For the Kids of Today For the World of Tomorrow"


SWIS Governor 1998-1999
Slogan: "Kids Count"


SWIS Governor 1997-1998
Slogan: "Serve Protect Love Commitment to Growth"


SWIS Governor 1996-1997
Slogan: "Take the Hand of a Child"


SWIS Governor 1995-1996
Slogan: "Forward For Our Children"


SWIS Governor 1994-1995
Slogan: "Look in the Eyes of a Child. Works for a Better World."


SWIS Governor 1993-1994, International VP 2001-2002, OI Brd 2009-2012, International Pres 2016-2017
Slogan: "The Utter District On The Mooove!"


WISUM Governor 1988-1989
Slogan: "Reach Out, Take A Child's Hand"


WISUM Governor 1985-1986, International President 2003-2004
Slogan: "Be A Star...Brighten Tomorrow by Growing Today!"


WISUM Governor 1984-1985
Slogan: "Promise Yourself"


WISUM Governor 1981 - 1982
Slogan: "Promise Yourself"


WISUM Governor 1976-1977
Slogan: "Every Child Counts"


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